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How to Write a Dissertation

Those who decide to get a Ph.D. degree show the world that they have a tremendous interest in the chosen subject area. They are ready to spend another year or even more time to find new perspectives of exploring their topics. Then why some of these talented and educated people look for writing help? Don't they know how to write a dissertation? Are they just lazy?

In most cases, the reason is rather different. Every person has something they can do either very food or very bad. The people who dedicate their lives to making discoveries and coming up with new ways of solving the problems of this world are rarely good at explaining their thoughts to others. They have hundreds of ideas living in their heads but it is too difficult to put them (ideas) on paper. That is when they need someone to organize those thoughts in the best way and make the theoretical basis comprehensive for the scientific community.

Possible Obstacles During the Process of Writing a Dissertation


It is hard to imagine how many obstacles can there be on the way to a successful defense. The most obvious one is the inability to find an appropriate topic. At some point of the research stage, it may seem like there is nothing that has not been discussed before on the topic you've chosen. There is nothing else to add to the discussion. But you have to get through this stage by either finding a new perspective to look t the problem or checking if anything has changed since the last time the existing materials were published. The information might be outdated. This is your chance to test if the same conclusions apply to the current situation.


You can be spending time in vain. It does not mean that you are lying on a sofa watching TV. You might as well trying to write a dissertation but the results are disappointing. The worst thing one can do in this situation is to calm himself down that the paper is in progress when in reality it is not. The results count, the efforts you spend do not. It may sound harsh but that's the way things are. You can spend a week trying to write a section of your paper and achieve nothing. Set measurable and specific goals so that you could be in control of the writing process.


You cannot concentrate working at home. That can happen too. There are too may temptations - drinking a cup of coffee with that tasty muffin, checking the news feed and messages from your friends, watching another episode of a TV show, playing with your children, etc. If you understand that you are not spending time effectively writing the paper at home, find another place. Go to a library or park. It does not matter. You simply need to fee comfortable and be focused on the work.


Don't isolate from others. Your peers who might encounter the same problems as you would be glad to share their insights. Working as a team is effective and does not require any additional efforts. The tricky part here is to avoid comparing yourself to other scholars. Someone may be finishing their paper while you are still at the beginning. Work at your own pace and just keep an eye on the outcome.


Is your dissertation supervisor helping you? Or at least is it possible to approach him/her with a question when you really need an answer? Make sure your supervisor gives you feedback and leads your paper in the right direction. If you feel that something is not working out between you two, try to find a replacement. The department will not have a problem with that if you have some serious reasons. And if it happens early in the process. Try your best to figure out if this is the right person to guide you as early as you can.


Be strong and don't let panic attacks make you start over again. You might wake up one day and realize that your topic is too trivial, the material you've gathered is of no help, and that you will never become a prominent scholar. There are no legitimate reasons for starting to write a new dissertation accept the time when your supervisor insists on it. All of other doubts you may have are simply the reaction during this stressful period of time.


The terrifying thoughts of upcoming deadline should not take over you. It may seem like there is not enough time to write about everything you've intended to but there is. Do not freak out because of the "lack-of-time" illusion. Your paper will have all the required data. You and your supervisor will make sure that every crucial piece of information is in it.

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