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How to Write a Thesis Paper If You Don't Like the Topic

You are in a quandary when there is an important task you have to do but have no desire to do it. It is obvious that you should go against the heart and do what is right. But where to find strength to accomplish something that seems to be incredibly difficult? If you are that person who suffers from the idea of writing a thesis paper on some random boring topic, this article is for you. It is often the case when you do not get a topic you prefer but the one that your advisor finds to be relevant. It is not an essay of 10 pages you can write and forget about but a profound research-based paper that is going to take all of your time during the next months.

Tip #1

The way of not getting depressed because of this situation is to look at a bright side. It will be over eventually. But if that is not a good enough reason to cheer you up, there are some possible options of writing a thesis without too much stress. First of all, your topic will most certainly have a number of various angles and perspectives. There should be at least one of them that you do not hate as much as others. Discuss the possibility of focusing on that particular aspect with your advisor.


Think of the research phase as a quest to find something no one has so far. Everybody likes adventures and this is an exciting opportunity to make a revolutionary discovery. Are you too skeptical about it? Don't be. There are still so many things about this world we do not know that you will be awarded for all the efforts. The fact that you've managed to achieve a lot with your paper will make you forget about the antipathy to the topic you feel.


Take one small step at a time. This task can keep you under pressure because of its significance. Dividing it into several stages with specific deadlines is a smart approach. Decide on what is the easiest part you can start with or choose the most interesting stage. One of the biggest obstacles on the way to coping with a thesis paper is finding the strength to start writing it. There will be multiple excuses you can come up with to postpone this process. But the fact remains to be the same - the sooner you start the better.


Do not wait for an inspiration to come. It is not a future bestseller you are writing. Your goal is to shed the light on those aspects of the subject other scholars did not in the past. As soon as you have a clear understanding in which direction to go with your thesis, start writing. And make your writing practices regular. It should become your new habit just like brushing the teeth in the morning.


Celebrate the small victories. When your advisor admires the way you've analyzed that particular passage and is pleased with your work, don't let that just disappear. You have worked very hard to achieve this result and it's time to appreciate the efforts. Treat yourself to a nice meal at a restaurant or buy tickets to the concert you've been wanting to go to. You will have positive associations with this period of your life. Years from now you will not remember how you were struggling with the references in your thesis. You will recall those small treats that indicate how good you are at what you do.

No one can tell you how to write a thesis paper during the process. You've made the important decisions and it is time to stick to them. You should find the balance between being flexible and keeping yourself organized. You should not change your plans every time you see a new opportunity. Stick to the schedule and make sure you are in line with your advisor. The thesis is your responsibility and there are only a few people who can give you helpful piece of advice. Our writers are among them. Turn for their assistance every time you experience difficulties with thesis writing. There is no better way of solving your problems.

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